5 x 750litre Poly Tanks have been installed to collect rainwater for reuse.

Water from the northern side roof is collected in two tanks on a first floor balcony, whilst water from the southern side roof is collected and stored in three tanks on the ground level.

Tanks from the level 1 tanks are gravity fed into the ground floor tanks, and controlled by a ball float.  If all the tanks fill up then they overflow into the existing storm water system.

The rain water caught is used for flushing of 3 toilets in the house.  It also services 2 hose cocks for garden watering purposes with the intention of later hooking up to the irrigation system.


The water for toilets and hose cocks are powered by a Rain Saver MK11 system with DAB Pump and diverter. Soon as the tap or toilet calls for water, the pump kicks in, and provides water at pressure.  All rainwater goes through the Rain Saver filtration system.  The Rain Saver System will also change from tank water to mains pressure in the event of tanks running dry.







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We have installed sustainable low water usage cisterns made by TECE through the house, into all eight toilets.  These are have push buttons to deliver either a small (3litre) flush, or a larger 4.5litre flush



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